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5 Points To Consider When Choosing A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum robot cleaners are in trend for quite some years now, and if you want to know why they are so popular, then you should go through the points, which will compel you to choose a robot vacuum cleaner than any other type of vacuum cleaner.

  1. Do you have rugs

For hard floors, such as parquet or tiles, you will have no problem with any vacuum cleaner. But, things change with rugs. Normal vacuum cleaners don’t work on rugs, or are not as efficient in cleaning the rugs as they are on other surfaces, but then things can change with a robot vacuum cleaner.

How thick are your rugs? Are they usually full of dirt? Are they a focal point for your cat or dog’s fur?

If you think you will need to give them a stick, you should look for a robot vacuum cleaner that stands out in two places. One is that it can run over carpets without getting stuck. The other is that it can detect that it is on a carpet, increasing its vacuum power so as not to leave any traces. A perfect example of a robot vacuum cleaner that excels in this model is the Roomba 871.

  1. Cleaning Pattern

Many robotic vacuum cleaners if you look at their operation, will affect your nerves.

This is because they do not have a standard of cleanliness. And the big problem with this is that they will go through areas that have already been cleaned several times, and some will be left to clean. Because they have no way of knowing where they are going!

There are many models that do not have this problem. ILIFE A4s or Roomba 871. But what I recommend most is Roomba 960.

  1. Pets?

I mentioned it before and it is something to keep in mind.

If you have pets, whether long or short-stacked, you will need a vacuum cleaner that can remove these hairs from your carpets. It is also very important that the device is not prone to be stuck in these hairs. This happens to many of them and they need you to help them. A great example to clean your hair is the Conga Excellence 990.

  1. How big is your house?

Many people pay attention to the battery and its life.

To me, this is not as crucial as, fortunately, the vast majority of robot vacuum cleaners have a charging base. So it doesn’t matter if you have a 55m² house or a 200m² house. If you are not in a hurry, let your robot go to the charging base every time you need it.

What you really need to focus on is the capacity of your tank.

Robot vacuum cleaners can go and charge, but they cannot empty their own tanks (for now). So whatever model you have, you have to empty them yourself, otherwise, they will not continue to vacuum once full. That is why if you have a large house, you will need a robot vacuum cleaner with a larger storage capacity than anyone needs for an apartment.

  1. Let the mop pass

This is not something I specifically look for when I want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. But it is quite useful.

If you are looking for this extra, consider whether the vacuum robot itself includes a water tank so you can wet the mop itself. Otherwise, you will need to make sure it is wet.

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