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By What Method You Can Control Your Wi-Fi Connected Roomba With Google Home Or Alexa?

You have the option to control the Wi-Fi-connected Roomba with a phone, Echo and even Google Home. You might be wondering to know the procedure. Well, we are going to discuss the steps for controlling the robotic vacuum with voice.

How to use Alexa skill with Roomba

The Roomba Alexa skill must be enabled in order to control the Vacuum through Echo or other Echo models. Follow instructions given on the Roomba link to enable Alexa for it.

You need to login to the Roomba account with the existing login credentials. Once entered, click ‘Login’. Once you are done with it, you can try the below-mentioned commands.

Alexa, ask Roomba to stop or start cleaning: You can start or stop the cleaning job just with the voice. Ask the Roomba to stop the cleaning job and arrive at its charging station.

Alexa, ask Roomba to go back: This will send the Roomba back to its home station for charging purpose.

Alexa, Ask Roomba what it is doing? You can check what the Roomba is doing right now by asking Alexa. Whether it is charging, waiting or cleaning the surface. You will get a reply through the Alexa itself. In case you want to stop/start it, you can directly command Roomba.

Alexa, asks Roomba where it is: If you want to search Roomba at home or don’t know its location, then it will beep once you ask Alexa to search Roomba. Whether it is under furniture or lost in different rooms, it will emit a beep tone.

So, we can say that the work which was done earlier only through the app, can be done virtually through the commands. One thing to note here is; you can schedule cleaning tasks through commands.

How to connect the Roomba to the Google Home or Assistant?

The process of connecting the Roomba to the Google Home or Assistant is bit confusing and different. With proper approach and steps, you can easily connect both the things together. You need a smartphone or tablet with android 6.0 OS or above running in it. You need to download the Google Assistant app as well in the android device. If you are using the iPhone, then download Google assistant from App market.

Launch Google assistant and Ask Roomba to start cleaning. You will find a message on the screen which says, ‘Roomba account is not connected click on the button to link account’. Click on the button and follow on-screen instruction.

From the next screen, enter the Roomba account details and tap ‘Login’.

You can now start using the same voice commands you use for Alexa. No matter which device you are using be it phone, tablet or Google home, it must have Google Assistant and Roomba app installed within.

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