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How Did It Revolutionize The Market Of Vacuum Robots?

iRobot Roomba 621 was not the first, but it was what made the vast majority of people want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. So much so that today, 6 years after it was launched, it is still being sold. This particular vacuum robot started it all for the company, and you may find more compact and affordable models today, but that takes nothing away from this vacuum robot, which has been a top product for multiple years.

Why should you buy this robot vacuum cleaner?

Power: Let’s not fool ourselves. The vast majority of people who have tried newer robotic vacuum cleaners will notice a power outage. It is perfect for hard floors and even carpeting. But, for example, to vacuum your cat or dog’s hair off the carpet, you will need to do it with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Drums: While not as potent as our money can buy, at least it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to drums. For 90 square meter floors, you only need one charge. You do not need to recharge and recharge.

Easy to clean: What’s great is that it’s easy to clean. Many robot vacuum cleaners tend to have dirt, a bad drainage tank, etc. This one does not have. Both your brushes and your reservoir will be easy to clean. In less than 1 minute, you will be ready to return to the charge.

Cleans the corners: Not a wonder in this. However, it is true that few such devices are able to reach the corners enough to clean them. Roomba 621 does a good job of sticking to the right wall (where it has the brush) to collect the dirt hidden in the corners.

The worst thing to mention about Roomba 621 is that it is not “smart”.

Yes, it dodges the table legs and so on very well. But his cleaning routine, well, he doesn’t have one. When it starts working, it goes crazy. It follows no pattern and is likely to pass through the same area multiple times. What a waste of battery.

iRobot Roomba 621 – To summarize

While there are many newer models available on the market, why should invest your money in this outdated product? Well, the answer is plain and simple; this product comes with the guarantee, which is of course offered by iRobot. Along with that, the company assures users of the safety of this unit. iRobot service has always been top-notch and you can expect the same with this product. Not to mention that you can find spare parts right under the rocks. In case, you find trouble setting up Roomba 621, then you can definitely take help from Roomba Setup and support providers.

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