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How Does A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Operate?

Before buying a robot vacuum cleaner, it is normal to want to understand how it works. This helps to know if we need to spend a lot of time and if our home is suitable for such an appliance.

What is the operating principle of a robot vacuum cleaner?

The basis of the base is that the robot vacuum moves either randomly or so-called smart in a room and sucks wherever it goes.

However, like any device, the operation of a vacuum cleaner robot includes more than that. It is necessary to take into account the start-up, the maintenance, the preparation of the surface to aspire. Small gestures essential for successful cleaning and a device in good working condition for a long time.

What should you do before starting a robot vacuum cleaner?

Robotic vacuuming is possible on all floors, except on long-pile carpets. It is still necessary to check the suction efficiency and if the model that tempts you will be able to climb on the carpet (even if the height is only a few millimeters).

For a quick passage, it is possible to do nothing. But, a house has many obstacles that limit the efficiency of the robot vacuum cleaner.

It is, therefore, necessary to take the time to assemble the chairs, to pick up what is lying on the ground and possibly to install a limiting magnetic tape often provided with the vacuum cleaner.

Limiting magnetic tape, how does it work?

The vacuum cleaner is ready to go everywhere, so it could fall on the stairs, go through a door and clean another room or get entangled in the cables under the desk.

The limiting magnetic tape is a simple tape to fix on the ground that acts as a virtual wall. The vacuum cleaner will not be able to cross it. This is particularly interesting to make sure that the robot sucks fully on one part of the house before moving on to another.

When the robot vacuum works, there is nothing to do, huh?

Unfortunately, unless you opt for the better Roomba (famous brand), you must stay in the area, because the vacuum cleaner has a certain talent to hang under the cabinets or to get tangled in the cables.

So, even if you can limit the worries with the magnetic stripe, it is better to be at home when the robot vacuum cleans and stretch your ear.

And then, when the living room is clean, you can easily carry it to the nursery or another room.

What should you do when the interview is finished?

When the robot vacuum cleaner thinks that he has worked well, he returns in principle to his loading base. Sometimes it is necessary to help him if he has been changed from room to room and is no longer near his loading base.

Empty the vacuum

As with any vacuum cleaner, there is a tank inside the vacuum cleaner robot in which all the dirt and dust sucked up are piled up. It is necessary to empty it regularly so that the vacuum cleaner continues to work well.

Check the status of the robot

When emptying the robot vacuum, take the opportunity to check that the brushes are clean and in good condition, that there is no hair, which has wrapped around the wheels. In short, make a small check-up to allow it to continue working as best as possible.

And of course, the vacuum cleaner and its base need a little dusting from time to time.

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