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How To Fix Different Roomba Error Codes?

The Roomba Robot vacuum cleaners are quite refined and equipped with different sensors and features. As these are machines, so the malfunctioning is very common with normal wear and tear or improper usage. The best part is that you can check out the error code and find the troubleshooting steps accordingly. After identifying the error source or cause, you can apply the simple steps mentioned here as under:

  1. Error 1: This is a single beep error and occurs if your Roomba stuck at a surface or corner of room. To get rid of this error, check the side wheels properly and clean debris that is preventing wheels from rotating.
  2. Error 2: Twin beeps: If any kind of fur or hair stuck in the brushes of your device, you will get twin beeps. If you hear twin beeps, then check the Roomba brushes for the following events.
  3. Error 5: 5 beeps: This error code appears if any single wheel stuck in the corner of your house. Check the side wheels.
  4. Error 6: 6 beeps: This error code is related to the device sensors. If there is some problem or malfunctioning reported in the sensors, then the overlapping surfaces may be hard to detect.  You can resolve this error by cleaning the cliff sensors with a soft cotton cloth.
  5. Error 8: This error is related to a particular series of Roomba. It indicates clogged filter or motor not working properly. The cleaning of filters usually solves this error code.
  6. Error 9: 9 beeps: Error code 9 is related to the bumper sensor. If it is dirty, then you will get 9 beeps. Clean the bumper properly and check if the error disappears or not.
  7. Error 10: If there is some obstruction in the Roomba’s path or side wheel tangled in the side corner, then try cleaning the wheels.
  8. Error 11: This is confined to 800 or 900 series Robotic Vacuum. If the bin is not working, you will get error code 11. Replace the bin immediately.
  9. Error 14: If the bin is not properly replaced or put up in the right position, then clean the bin points and reset the bin.
  10. Error 15: This is quite a common error code and generally encounters on all Roomba models. To get rid of this error code, reset the device or restart it.
  11. Error 16: This error code is caused due to the device laid in same position. To fix this code, simply restart it.
  12. Error 17: If there is a virtual wall feature built-in your Vacuum model, then there are chances of getting error 17. If the room environment changes after the virtual range, then this error code appears.
  13. Error 18: If this error code is appearing on screen, then it means Roomba is not linking up properly on the base station. This normally happens if there is some loose connection or the plug is not properly connected.

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