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How To Install RooWiFi With Roomba Vacuum Robot?

The RooWiFi is a Wi-Fi module allowing you to control a Roomba robot vacuum remotely, via Smartphone, PC or Mac. All you need is to have the internet available to control the movements of the robot.

The connection and communication with the Roomba are done through the 7-pin mini-DIN connector PS/2 located on the top of the robot. RooWiFi uses the ICR (Serial Command Interface) communication protocol developed by iRobot. Be careful though, this connection is only present on the 500 and 700 series models.

When unpacking, you will find the RooWiFi with a user manual giving you some information. This flyer, in English, invites you to visit the official website of the product to download the user manual


To be able to use your RooWiFi, the first thing to do is to remove the upper shell of your Roomba (for the 500 series models). It is simplewith the help of clips, so you need to be careful so as not to break. This can be a bit tedious. Once the hull removed, you will have access to the connector PS/2.

For the 700 series, simply lift the grip handle Roomba, the connector is just below.

Then plug the module in the same direction as the photo, the shape that takes the pin leaves you anyway a possibility.

To keep the hull while using the RooWiFi, you can drill a small hole.

3 Modes of use

RooWiFi has different modes of operation. It can work in 2 states, and has a transient mode just for the configuration:

  1. HotSpot mode:

In this mode, the RooWiFi generates its own Wi-Fi network. The device is completely autonomous; you just need, with the device that will control the Roomba, to connect to the Wi-Fi network RooWiFi to take control. You do not even need the Internet in this case, as the connection is made directly.

To make sure you’re in this mode, the red RooWiFi LED blinks once a second.

  1. Wi-Fi home mode:

In this mode, the RooWiFiis connected to your home Wi-Fi network. You then have several ways to connect the device:

  • From outside your local network, allowing you to control the robot from the Internet.
  • From any web browser connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world.

In this mode, the LED will flash once every 3 seconds.

  1. Reconfiguration Mode (Transient Mode):

This mode indicates that the RooWiFi is trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network. In this mode, the LED flashes 3 times per second. This process will take 2.5 to 3 minutes. If after 3 minutes the RooWiFi has failed to connect to a Wi-Fi network, it will return to HotSpot mode.

Restore button:

In case of problems with the HotSpotRooWiFi, you can restore it at any time.

To do this press the button on the module for 6 seconds (there is marked “Restore” next to the button). The LED should blink once a second after this operation. Only the properties of the network and Wi-Fi connectivity are changed, the username/password of the webserver remain the same.

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