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How To Remove Charging Errors From Roomba Vaccum?

There are certain charging errors that are prevalent in the Roomba Vacuum and affect its normal operation. With the implementation of simple steps, you can easily remove the errors on your own. We are now going to discuss some errors along with suitable solutions.

  1. Blink or charging error: This error is also known as error 1 which means, the battery is not connected properly. You can uninstall and try inserting the battery again firmly. The tab for this is to be removed for a while. If you have purchased the new battery, then don’t forget to check the specifications of it and must match with the old battery.
  2. Charging Error two: Charging error two is related to the heating effect. If the battery is too much heating and requires a cooldown, then charging error two will encounter. You need to wait for some hour till the device cools down. You must place the charger in the cool atmosphere so that it doesn’t heat in the future.
  3. Charging Error Three: Charging Error three is a kind of error that can only be removed or eradicated through the soft resetting of Roomba. If you are getting error 3, then reset your Roomba and recharge it to sufficient level before starting using it.
  4. Roomba Charging error five: You can correct or troubleshoot error five of your Roomba through multiple methods. The first method is by removing the pull tab completely from the device and reset the unit. Charge it for some time or till you find the green light blinking corresponding to ‘Clean’ option.
  5. Blinks or charging error six: This error message appears if your device is overheated. You can’t let this error message go unnoticed as serious issues may occur later on or the device may completely breakdown due to heating issues. The best way to get rid of this error is, Keep the device off for some hours and charge it again under cool environment for some time.
  6. Charging Error seven: This is the seventh error related to Roomba and mostly encounters if the battery is not cooling off perfectly. The best thing to do in such cases is let the device cool off properly and start charging the device again by placing the charger in the nippy environment. After implementing this step, if you are still facing the problem, then contact Roomba experts and ask for replacement of your device. If your device is under warranty, then you can directly report to Roomba store.

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