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How To Troubleshoot ‘Roomba Brush Not Spinning’ Problem?

Is there any problem with the brush spinning in the Roomba or is it stopped working all of a sudden? If yes, then no need to wait anymore, just go through the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the post. After implementing which you will be able to fix the ‘Brush not rotating’ problem.

  1. The very first step is to turn the robot to its side. You will find the side brush there. Remove it with the help of screwdriver. Loose all four screws from the corners and firmly remove it.
  2. When you remove the brush, there is a motor inside it packed with the help of 2 screws in the chamber. Take flat head screwdriver and remove the motor after opening the screws. This motor gets power through spring controls given just below main chamber.
  3. Remove the third screw from the lower chamber. When you remove this screen, a triangular shape slow will be pulled out. The simple flat-head screwdriver will not loosen the screw. The plastic part will remain locked in the chamber itself and is mounted on the third screw.
  4. You will notice two different pieces inside the motor housing with snap-latch type at its end.

By using the screwdriver, put it along the side of housing and remove the motor carefully. This step must be properly done in order to avoid any damage and safeguard snap-latch. Inside the housing, there is gear and electric motor placed on the side of the metal axles and wide gear. A piece in the form of hexagonal shape comes out from the housing portion with brush mounted on its side.

Loosen the screw with hand followed by using the plier to remove completely. The axle will also rotate with complete housing. Once you remove the axle, it will not rotate anymore. If you want to check its rotation, you can use a 9V battery with the stuck gear.

  1. By making use of WD-9, you can discard the stuck gear. Break the gummed section. The gear will now start rotating after some time inside the housing.

The process of removing the gear from the housing is much complicated and difficult even after twisting it. Through proper care and attention, a white part and blue housing will be finely broken. Clean the housing and replace the motor. Start installing the Roomba again. Check if it is working now or not. The problem will certainly get resolved.

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