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How To Troubleshoot Roomba Vacuum 870?

Are you using Roomba Vacuum 870, which has been acting up as of late? If yes, then let’s discuss all the issues befalling the vacuum robot along with the best solutions.

Not moving properly: If the Roomba is not moving properly as it is supposed to be, then check the following things:

  • Broken main wheel: Check the main or center wheel of Roomba if it is broken or not. Check for any physical damage on two big wheels. Tighten the screws located on the wheel and check the manual guide for troubleshooting the damaged wheel.
  • Broken side wheel: Check the side wheel for any damage or breakage. The side wheel is smaller than the main wheel that swivels. If there is any fault in the wheel, you need to replace it. The replacement guide can be checked from the ‘Side wheel replacement’ link.
  • Clogged wheels: If there is any dirt or dust stuck in the wheel, then it will not rotate properly and affect its performance. Clean the debris and the dust with the brush and check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Dies before coming to charging station: If after cleaning the floor, the Roomba fails to reach the charging station and dies somewhere, then check the following:

  • Battery problems: The battery might be working inefficiently. You might be thinking of purchasing the new battery. But, there is no need to waste money buying a new one. Check the video given on the link to increase the Roomba battery life. Check the ‘Battery replacement guide’ for additional help related to installing a new battery.
  • Charging station not nearby: The charging station is not nearby from the Roomba where it completes a cleaning. Try moving the station to the nearby location. In this manner, the Roomba will automatically find the way back to the charging station.
  • The battery of your Roomba is draining fast: The wear and tear are normal with the passage of time.
  • Get stuck on the dark carpet or floors: The Roomba may not run properly on darker carpet or floors so, you can avoid moving it onto the darker floors and carpets.

Cliff sensor problem: The cliff sensors are given on the bottom of the Vacuum and it helps in preventing the Roomba from falling off the cliff. Sometimes, this happens when the Vacuum cleaner goes to darker carpets and floors. To fix this problem, clean the cliff sensor with the soft dry cloth. If it doesn’t solve the problem, you can contact the Roomba experts and ask them for sensor replacement. Apart from this, you can go to the user manual for problem diagnostic and replacement of the Roomba cliff sensor.

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