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How To Troubleshoot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Issues?

A robotic Roomba vacuum is an advantageous product specifically designed to keep your house neat and clean. However, being a mechanical device, technical issues may arise with time. If this reliable Roomba vacuum stopped working all of a sudden, then there are simple fixes and steps with which you can retain its functioning to the original state. You just need to put little effort from your side in restoring the working of your buddy Vacuum.

  1. Check belts and drive system: The very first thing to check is the belts and drive system whether it is functioning normally or not. The driveline and the brush belt must be thoroughly examined. If anything is broken or worn out, then replace it immediately. You can order the parts online from the manufacture store or from E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Select your Roomba model and order the parts accordingly. You will get the price list side by side.
  2. Check the supply in the battery: Another thing that can affect the normal working of the Roomba Vacuum is the battery unit. Remove the battery from the compartment and replace it with the new one. If there is a need for replacement, then check the serial number and the model number of the Vacuum carefully before ordering it online. In most of the products, there are AAA size batteries installed in the compartment. Most of the time, we forget to recharge the battery after a stipulated time period due to which the device stopped working without any intimation.
  3. Reset the brain of your Vacuum: If everything is working normally and you are still not able to use the Roomba, then check the system carefully. Perform a reset function on your Roomba by disconnecting the power cable from the supply and wait for two minutes. Dismantle the batteries as well from the compartment. Hold the power button for 30 seconds now and turn it on again. The data stored earlier on the memory board will be deleted and you have to enter the code again to use it without any problem.
  4. Check driver motor: The last thing that can create a problem with the Roomba is the drive motor. If the drive motor unit is faulty or not working properly, then get it replaced online. You can contact the manufacturer for replacement. If you want, you can get the motor repaired from the nearby technician. It will be easy on your pocket.

If you want to replace any part of your Roomba Vacuum, then first watch the videos available online and get to know the tricks for removing the wires and screws from the unit carefully.

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