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How To Use Roomba Home Base To Its Full Potential?

As you are aware that Roomba is a Robotic device that is used to clean your home. This Robot can run for longer period of time if you used it in a proper manner. Thus, today we will discuss the techniques to use your Roomba efficiently.

Firstly, you should consider understanding, how to place Roomba in your home while cleaning. You should always place Roomba on a smooth surface without any obstruction while cleaning.  There should be around 1.5 feet free space around the device. In case there is a staircase nearby, keep at least 4 feet distance between device and staircase. There should be around 8 feet distance between the device and the walls.

Apart from the placement, Roomba functions with the help of Wi-Fi, thus having a Wi-Fi coverage in the area is must as Roomba will receive information using Wi-Fi from the iRobot HOME Application.

Now, Roomba must be used 7 times in a week and you can set the time at which you want the cleaning to begin. You must enable Roomba auto software update.

How to use?

  • You need to turn on the Roomba device by removing the insert bin and battery pull tabs.
  • Place Roomba on floor and the cleaning cycle will begin.
  • You must be aware that Roomba battery comes with partial charging thus, you must charge it fully to clean house in one go. Otherwise, Roomba will stop after a while and not clean your home completely.

Note: Before starting with the cleaning process, you must keep away useful items such as cloths or toys fallen on the floor.

  1. To begin the cleaning cycle, press on ‘Clean’ on the robot or from the iRobot HOME App.
  2. Once, cleaning is completed, Roomba robot will play certain tunes indicating the completion of cleaning.
  3. If you want to pause Roomba device while cleaning push ‘clean’ and in order to start again, press the same.
  4. If you wish to clean certain area then, push clean. Once that area is cleaned hold on to the ‘Clean’ button for a while until Roomba power is turned off.
  5. If during the clean cycle Roomba battery gets over, it will automatically be directed towards its charging unit ‘Homebase’. In this case, you must end the cleaning cycle with the help of Home Application.
  6. When, Roomba comes across a heap of scrap, it will move in circular form to clean the area. During this your ‘Clean’ indicator will blink frequently.
  7. To clear a specific place, place Roomba on the area and press the button ‘Spot’. In this case, Roomba will spiral outward and then begin cleaning in circular motions inward direction.

Note: It is suggested that you empty the bin and clean the filter after every use. Keep Roomba on the Home Base to charge it for future cleaning. In case you plan on not using it for long then, remove battery from the device and keep it separately in a cool and dry place.

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