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Is Your Roomba Not Picking Up The Debris Or Leaving The Clumps From The Floor?

The floor conditioning process involves removing the hair and deposits that have piled up on the floor or filling up the bin quickly.  When you started using the Roomba vacuum more frequently in order to meet the requirements and needs of the environment, then this process is called at floor conditioning process.

When you are going to use the Roomba vacuum for the first time in the room, then it may work a little harder due to the following reasons.

  • The advanced navigation and low profile of Roomba help cleaning each and every part of the room which traditional Vacuums wouldn’t.
  • The 3 stage cleaning picks up the dust faster than the traditional Vacuums.
  • It can take a few runs to collect the garbage and a large amount of hair and dirt from the floor by the Robot.

You can even set a schedule on your Roomba for automatic cleaning and if you need frequent cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the filter as soon as it gets full and this may get full during the cleaning process as well.

In some environments or dry conditions if the Roomba is not picking up the dust and the dirt properly from the ground, then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • The relative humidity of the environment must be increased using the humidifier or use the static Guard on the carpet. Don’t spray any water or static guard directly onto the Robot.
  • The maintenance of rubber brushes and the filter is also important. If the brushes are creating a problem with the spinning, you will find the Roomba doesn’t pick up the dust.

Rubber brushes and path

For best performance, the brushes and the path must be cleaned after a regular interval of time. The steps to maintain these items are:

  1. Open the frame by pressing the green tab from the right side of the multi-surface.
  2. Remove the brushes gently. Clear any debris or hair if wrapped around the brushes.
  3. Remove bearings by pushing from underneath and clean any hairs or debris if available.
  4. Re-install the brushes to the original position. You will find the click sound when the bearing is properly installed on the brush.
  5. The vacuum path must be clear.
  6. Match the shape of the brushes pegs with the square and hex on the cleaning head side.
  7. Close the frame with the release tab.

Bin and filter

  • You can easily remove the bin by pressing the button given on the back. The bin button has an ‘Icon’ on the top.
  • Once you have opened the bin empty it and close the bin again through the bin door.
  • Gently press the sides of the filter to remove it from the left side of the bin.
  • Shake the filter against the trash container to remove the debris from it.
  • Re-install the filter back to its position.
  • Reinstall the bin and check if it is securely fitted into the place or not.

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