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Roomba i7+ Features Self-Emptying Feature Along With Wi-Fi Signal Mapping

IRobot the Roomba i7 + is a new intelligent vacuum cleaner robot that has the ability to empty itself by itself. In addition to this feature, Roomba i7 + comes with other cool features. It has a small camera that draws a plan of your home and allows you, through the iRobot app, to select just a few rooms for the robot to clean. As in previous models, the new handset comes integrated with voice commands. You can for example, use the Google Assistant or Alexa, the Amazon, to program the actions of the robot.

The self-emptying feature works as follows: After you have finished cleaning a part of the house, Roomba i7 + heads for a dock, which also serves as a battery charger. In it, the device automatically discharges dirt into a compartment. When this compartment is full, the app notifies the user that it is time to change the bag.

The idea is not exactly new, as it exists to correct a common problem in this type of appliance: as they are compact, they are often clogged with dirt after one or two cleanings, depending on the size of the property. With the ability to empty themselves, vacuum robots gain even more autonomy to take care of the house.

In addition to the Roomba i7 +, iRobot has also announced the Roomba e5 vacuum cleaner. Costing $449, this model falls into the cheapest category of the brand. Even so, it also supports voice commands and other features.

Upcoming Feature in Roomba Robot – Map Wi-Fi Signal Quality

Roomba, a popular line of robot-vacuum cleaners developed by the US company iRobot, will be given a feature to map the home’s Wi-Fi signal strength. The function, which is available in the iRobot HOME app, displays rooms with a weak or even non-existent Internet connection on a map while cleaning up the robot.

The tool will be released in beta to a limited group of people in the United States later this month.

The new feature makes it possible to switch between the Wi-Fi coverage map and the existing feature, which displays where the robot cleaned. With the app update, you will also be able to more effectively control where the robot could not vacuum, as the Wi-Fi signal will be unstable.

Function Utility

With the novelty, the user can identify which rooms have a weak signal and even non-existent. For example, you can switch your router if you find that its position is affecting the connection in some room or include other Wi-Fi hotspots to increase signal strength. It is not sure as to when this feature is going to be available on Roomba i7+, but it won’t be too long before you could see it in the router.

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