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Roomba Series 500 & 600 Battery Life

Roomba Series 500 & 600 Battery Life

To begin with, let us offer you a tip for a better battery life. Once you have purchased Roomba, we suggest you to charge the Roomba vacuum until its battery is fully charged before, you begin using the device. It would not take more than 2 hours, be patient for the while.

In case, you have a Lithium battery then, you can place Roomba on the Home base and turn it on ansd use without further delay.

Keep in mind the techniques you need to use with Roomba while charging:

  1. In case you are using a charger then, your charger must show you a green light when you plug it to a power source.
  2. Another charging unit is Home base, while using this device; it should blink once in a few seconds. This blinking is limited with a purpose to save energy.
  3. If your Roomba Robot battery is fully discharged then, your battery enters into special ‘Refresh Cycle’. When you begin the refresh charge The ‘Clean’ indicator on Roomba robots is red/amber while being charged. Make sure that you do not plug off the device once the refresh charging has been initiated as it is an automatic process and cannot be started manually.
  4. On the other hand there are other Roomba robots which will turn off the ‘Clean’ indicator light approximately 1 minute but the charge will be continued. We suggest you that you don’t break the cycle of charging once the light is off as this feature is designed to conserve energy.
  5. Once, your device is fully charged the ‘Clean’ indicator will show green light.
  6. However, the use of the device at a different room temperature, different floor type also reduces the battery life with the passage of time.


The battery status is depicted by Roomba Robot as follows:

Here’s the information on each color light illuminating on the device:

As, you know while charging, the light turn off so, you can click on ‘Clean’ to check charging status.

  1. Green light depicts fully charged.
  2. Amber light depicts partially charged.
  3. Pulsing Amber light depicts charging.
  4. Red light depicts nearly discharged.
  5. Flashing red light depicts discharged.

Follow the tips given below to learn more:

  1. After every usage, you should charge the robot first and then keep it back in the storage kit. This will preserve the battery life of Roomba robot for long. Moreover, keep your Roomba at a cool and dry place for long-term storage.
  2. If your Robot has a NiMH battery, then we suggest you to remove the battery from the device and keep it in cool and dry place in case you are planning to not use Roomba for a longer period of time. Furthermore, before you keep the battery aside it should be fully charged.
  3. Now, when you plan to use Roomba again you need to recharge the battery again, as NiMH battery usually lose its power naturally when stored for a long duration.

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