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What Are The Different Steps To Troubleshoot Robot Roomba For Various Problems?

Are you getting a problem with the Robot Roomba that you have purchased for cleaning purposes at home? If yes, then go through the guide mentioned here as under.

Device not powering on: If the device is not powering on, then you won’t find any single sign of powering up. Check the below-mentioned things.

  • If the battery of the Roomba is not properly charged, then you will find it difficult to turn it on. Make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged. If you want, you can charge it over a complete night. To check if the battery is properly charged or not, check the green light indicator on the top of it. Your Roomba will start playing the dead battery song before it happens to halt.
  • The contact points of the battery also play a significant role in providing the power supply to it. If the points are dirty, then the Roomba will not charge. Clean the points with the soft cotton cloth and left it for charging over a complete day. Check if it resolves the problem or not.
  • Dead battery: Even after charging the battery for sufficient hours, if the green indicator is still not turning on, then the battery is totally dead. Replace the battery immediately and check if the problem still persists or not.

Charging Errors: If the charging light is blinking on the Roomba, then it means there is some problem in it. Information related to the charging blinking is discussed here as under:

One blink: The Roomba battery is not joined.

Two to five blinks: This means there is some charging error in Roomba.

Six blinks: This is an indication of over-charging. If the battery is overcharged, then let it cool down for a minimum of 2 hours.

Seven blinks: This indicates the battery is still hot and needs cool down.

Sensors not responding: If the sensors are not responding properly as it should be, then go through the below-mentioned steps.

  • Check the sensors for any dust and dirt. If there is dust entered in one of the four cliff sensors, then the Roomba may be stuck in the middle. Remove the cover from the sensor and clean it with the soft cotton cloth. You must not use the wet cloth for cleaning as this may result in the malfunctioning of the sensor.
  • If the sensor is blocked or choked, then get it repaired from the nearby service center or check the underside or the front of the Vacuum.

This is all about the basic troubleshooting steps for Roomba if not working properly. We hope you have understood the steps.

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