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What Makes iRobot Roomba 871 The Most Sought After Vacuum Robot?

When we think of a robot vacuum cleaner, we think of Roomba. The company has developed some of the most advanced and reliable vacuum robots in the world. As far as the best models of the company are concerned, then you will find the name of iRobot Roomba 871 among the top units. While there are many amazing features in this vacuum robot, but the one that is liked by many people is its navigation system.

Why should you buy this robot vacuum cleaner?

Let’s see if what this Roomba 871 robot vacuum cleaner is worth the money it is being sold for.

Power: It is no hidden mystery that Roomba 871 has a criminal vacuum power. It doesn’t matter if you put it on your deepest carpet. Once you pass where there is dirt, it will suck everything. This look is something no one denies.

It does not trip over anything. The big problem with many robot vacuum cleaners is that they often collide with the same obstacle. This Roomba 871 avoids these problems. The unit is compact in size, which allows it to get inside the furniture and clean those hard-to-reach areas, which you tend to avoid usually. On the other hand, it has very sensitive sensors that allow it to move without colliding.

Silent: It may not be as quiet as the Conga Excellence 990. But in general, you’ll never be bothered by the noise it generates. Unless you are very shrewd.

Filter: As we like to see, this model uses HEPA filter. As we already know, it is the friendly filter for allergy sufferers. But it is very good for everyone.

Something negative to emphasize is their relationship to the cables. In Roomba they claim to be able to detect them and avoid problems with them. I recommend you pick them up, because you wouldn’t be the first person he drags along with everything.

A good thing is that in case of plot, he can break free. So not everything is a problem with the cables.

What negative point do they usually have?

Their price. They usually justify it very well. They have many patents and so on. But still, they are not available to everyone, no matter how much they offer us.

iRobot Roomba 871 – In a nutshell

This is one of the most incredible vacuum robots, which you will find on the market. Many will find the price of this vacuum cleaner on the expensive side, but if you look closely at the unit and its features, then you will find that the features totally outweigh the price of the unit.

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