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What Steps Are Required For Resetting A Roomba?

It has been seen that technology is continuously gaining its pace with every passing day. This is also true in the case of cleaning machines. Earlier, in 1869 the manual crank mechanism was used for cleaning the floors and mats but in the late ’90s, vacuum was introduced which have totally replaced our job. There is no need to vacuum the carpet with hands now. The development of Roomba has drawn the cleaning to the new height. Users of this product are successfully using it. However, there are some who are getting problems in using and want to reset it.

We are now going to discuss steps for resetting Roomba. The steps are the same for all Roomba models and you can implement them without any hesitation.

  1. Reverse the Roomba or lift the lower side of Roomba and face it in an upward direction. As this product is quite fragile, so you must handle with care. Any part if broken by chance will take a toll on your pocket.
  2. Disconnect Roomba from a power source and remove the batteries from the compartment. Open the compartment with the help of two fingers. Press the tabs gently and remove the battery from it. Close the cover again.
  3. Press the button for at least 10 seconds and turn on the Roomba again. This will bring the Roomba to its previous state. There’s no need to make any changes.
  4. Place the batteries again into the Roomba by opening the cover from its back. It must be ensured that batteries are properly inserted in the place. If you are using more than one Roomba at home, then the right battery must be placed in Roomba. The inappropriate size of the Roomba battery may damage the circuit as well as the compartment as it will not fit properly into space.
  5. Now connect the Roomba to the charger. Don’t use the Roomba home base otherwise, it may interrupt the charging cycle. Charge the Roomba for at least 72 hours. Once it gets properly charged, you can try turning it on. If you don’t find any improvement even after 72 hours of charging, then there is certainly some problem with the device.

You can contact Roomba support experts in this case. The experts are well-versed with the Roomba issues and its fixes. You can get help online by contacting a toll-free number.

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