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What To Do If Roomba Brush Not Rotating?

Does the brush of your Roomba not rotating properly? What are you waiting for, just go through the steps to solve the problem instantly. We have come up with the steps which will help in troubleshooting ‘Brush not spinning’ problem.

1st step: The first step to implement is ‘Turn the i-robot on its side’. Remove the side brush by dismantling the screw through screwdriver. There are four screws in the bottom of the panel, try to remove them.

2nd step: The motor for side brush and blue housing are engrossed in chamber with two screws at edges and slit head screw. Take the motor out after loosening the screws. The electric power is provided through two spring controls given below engine chamber.

3rd step: Remove the third screen. As soon as you remove the screw, you will find the triangular slot comes out. The simple flat-head screwdriver will not loosen the screw, so proper care must be taken at this point of time. The plastic part on the motor keeps it within the chamber and is mounted on third slit screw.

4th step: There are two pieces of blue motor housing. You will find snap-latch at one of its end and edges around other.

A flat head screwdriver is placed on the other side of housing. You can now rise up the part of motor carefully. Do this step carefully to protect snap-latch. There is a gear and electric motor available on the one side of housing and metal axle and wide gear on another side. It also reveal a hexagonal piece bulging out from other portion of housing where the brush mounts on side.

Loosen the screw with hand first, then use plier to remove it. The complete housing will turn with the axle. After this step gets completed, the axle will stop rotating with the housing. The axle will start rotating once freed from the stuck gear when you check the motor with 9V battery.

5th step: With the help of WD-9, you can skittle away stuck gear. Try to breach the gummed section. After some time, you will notice that the stuck in the gear start rotating in the housing.

It is difficult to pull the gear out in this way even after twisting or turning it continuously. With proper inspection, you will notice in-between the blue housing and white part some fine broken. You can clean the housing and motor can be replaced for your Robot Roomba. After this, everything will start working again and the problem will get resolved.

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